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Medical Abortion By Mail Order

Order the Abortion Pill Online from ACWC: Safe, Fast, and Convenient Delivery to New York

New York Medical Abortion Pill by Mail

ACWC offers telemedicine services to assist with medical abortion by mail in New York. To be eligible for this service, your last period was 10 weeks or less, and you must have a New York mailing address.

What to Expect with Telemedicine Abortion Care

Once you request medical abortion pills, you will complete medical information from your personal device. A licensed provider will review this and determine if the medical abortion pill is the best option for you. Most medication abortion requests do not require a direct medical consultation with a provider. If needed, the ACWC staff will contact you to arrange a video or phone conference with one of our providers.

The virtual visit allows you to discuss the safest options based on your medical history. If eligible, the medical abortion kit will arrive within 1-5 business days. The discreet package maintains your privacy. It contains all the medications, detailed instructions about how to take the medications, and the contact information of our medical team

ACWC is committed to your safety and well-being throughout this process.

Our medical team will be available to provide 24-hour support to ensure a comfortable and convenient process.

How Much Does a Medical Abortion by Mail Cost?

The fee is $300 for medical abortion pills by mail. This fee includes your telemedicine consult, abortion, nausea and pain medications, shipping fees, and access to ACWC staff.

Buy an Abortion Pill Online in New York- 770 212 9652

You can buy an abortion pill online and get it by mail in New York. The FDA has approved abortion pills by mail from U.S.-based abortion providers for all 50 U.S. states, including New York. Each state, however, determines which telemedicine services are allowed. Medical abortion by mail is legal for people with a New York address.

How to order abortion pills in New York?

You can get a prescription from ACWC and have abortion pills delivered to your home in New York. Order abortion pills by mail here. These are the steps to get abortion pills delivered to your home by mail:

  1. Call 770 212 9652, the dedicated consult phone line at ACWC, to request information about medical abortion pills by mail. You will be asked some questions about your health and pregnancy to ensure you are eligible. All information you share with us is private and protected.
  2. Complete your payment, medical history, and consent forms from your personal device.
  3. Our U.S.-based doctors will immediately review your information. Once approved, the providers will submit an electronic prescription to the mail order pharmacy.
  4. The abortion pills will be shipped from the pharmacy to your New York address within 24 hours of your order being approved. You will receive a tracking number so you can follow your package as it moves through the mail.

Start now: Get the abortion pill online at 770 212 9652

More ways to get New York abortion pill access

If ACWC is not able to meet your reproductive health needs, there are multiple ways people get New York abortion pill access. To learn about other online telehealth services that are available to you, visit the Plan C Guide to Abortion Pills: How to Order an Abortion Pill Online in New York.

Abortion laws in the State of New York

For the most up-to-date information about abortion laws in New York, visit Guttmacher Institute, The Center for Reproductive Rights, or

How much does the abortion pill cost in New York?

The abortion pill service costs $300 USD when shipping the pills to New York.

770 212 9652 Order abortion pills online from ACWC

Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion) AVAILABILITY AND HOW TO PREPARE

The abortion pill (also known as a medication abortion) is offered up to 10 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. It is a safe and effective way of ending an early pregnancy.

If your last period was more than 10 weeks ago, we can still help. Visit the web page for for a list of healthcare providers in your area that offer in-clinic abortion services.


Sometimes, the provider wishes to meet to discuss your medical history. If so, ACWC staff will contact you to set up a virtual appointment convenient to you.

Please find a private location where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. You may use your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure it’s fully charged and that you have a good internet connection. Also, make sure to give video and microphone access once you enter the virtual visit so we can see and hear you.

If eligible, you will receive your medication abortion pills 1-5 days after your appointment.

Your appointment will include the opportunity to ask questions and discuss birth control options.


ACWC will send a short follow-up survey to you one week after the provider submits the prescription. You can complete the survey from your personal device in 5 minutes or less.

After your survey responses are complete, an ACWC provider or nurse will contact you for the best option to complete your care. In the unlikely event that you are still pregnant, you and the provider will determine the best location to obtain an in-person medical evaluation in New York.

You do have the option to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound with a local provider before or after taking the medication abortion pill. You are responsible for any additional fees associated with these types of appointments.

Ultrasound visits may be safely and discreetly obtained at clinics in these New York cities:

Remember, you always have the ACWC phone number you can call with any questions or concerns.

New York Requirements

 You must be eighteen years or older to receive these services. We are not able to see minors for Telehealth medication abortion appointments.


Prices for our abortion services are listed below:

Additional Abortion Support

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To inquire about our Medical Abortion services by mail, please contact us at 770-212-9652.

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