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Atlanta, GA Abortion Clinic Specializing in the Shortest Wait Times and Low Cost Abortion Pill

Atlanta Comprehensive Wellness Clinic (ACWC) is a private medical practice offering a full spectrum of services to women and their families.

Specialized abortion doctors providing compassionate care for your unique needs. We serve you better at convenience

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Welcome to our Telehealth Abortion Services – Providing Safe and Convenient Abortion Care Online!

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Established in 2018, Atlanta Comprehensive Wellness Clinic aspires to provide a compassionate environment, as well as quality reproductive healthcare to all women, of all backgrounds, seeking termination services, early pregnancy care/ referrals, birth control, PrEP care, and more.

Atlanta Comprehensive Wellness Clinic (ACWC) is a private medical practice offering a full spectrum of services to women and their families.

Our clinic provides access to abortion, contraception and gynecological care. ACWC is also available to pregnant women and their significant others to discuss childbearing, adoption or pregnancy termination.

ACWC offers convenient office hours during the morning, afternoon, evening and weekend. Private appointments are available upon request.

ACWC is conveniently located in Midtown Atlanta. Interstate access to I75, I85 and I285 is located nearby.

ACWC believes that each woman and her family have the choice to explore all pregnancy options in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.  We are committed to creating a safe space where caring, private discussions and decisions can be made based upon the individual needs of each person who walks into our clinic.

ACWC has a multi-specialty team of Family Medicine, OB-GYN, RN, CRNA specialists and staff who share a vision to provide comprehensive care to women and their families. With this in mind, we offer

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Most Affordable Medical Abortion Program in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Welcome to our clinic, offering the most affordable medical abortion program in Metro Atlanta. Quality care, accessible prices. Explore our offerings today and make the most of our services.

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Compassionate abortion doctors offering expert care tailored to your unique needs.

Abortion By Mail Order

For confidential consultations, tailored medication, discreet ordering, and ongoing support in abortion by mail.

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For quick, reliable abortion by mail, trust ACWC: prompt consultations, fast delivery, and expert support for you.

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For quality service in abortion by mail, ACWC offers expert consultations, safe medication, and compassionate support.

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Dr. Marlie Varga

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Dr. Ela Sharpe



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Dr. Clarke Pugh



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4 Steps To Get Your Abortion Pills By Mail Order

Welcome to our discreet and accessible abortion by mail service. Here’s how it works:

  • Consultation

    Begin by scheduling a remote consultation with ACWC licensed doctors to discuss your options.

  • Medication Selection

    After evaluation, our doctors will choose the appropriate abortion pills tailored to your specific needs.

  • Ordering

    Place your order securely with our specialized doctors in line with GA rules and regulations for abortion medications.

  • Follow-Up

    Stay in touch with our medical professionals for guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring safety and efficacy.